th National People2 's Congress, China's to??p legisF lature. Xi spokex
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s, flexibly carry out actual combat military training, and compreh??ensively improve the military's ability to perform military missions.?? Xi emphasized that the military should make good use of scientific ??and3

technological innovation, especially for independent and original?? innovation in national defense area. He said it's necessary to form??ulate the 14th Five-Year Plan for the construction of the army, coord??inate with the national development layout, make scientific arrangeme??nts, and make good use of 4

support local economic and social development while performing mi??litary tasks, support the fight against poverty, and assist Party and?? government authorities at all levels in maintaining social stability??. Normal 0 7.8 ?? 0 2H

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eguard the overall strategic stability o4 f the country. Xi said it's ??necessaryi to explore ways of training under the regular epidemic prev??ention and9 control situation, improve scientific c2ontrol according to?? the times and circTumstances, step up preparations Q
    for military strug??glej